Director(s) Hrayr Sargsyan

Script writer(s) Hrayr Sargsyan

Camerman(s)Hrayr Sargsyan


ActorsEdik Poghosyan, Areg Balayan

Film producer(s)Liana Smbatyan

Production Company(s)Margins Media

56 min


Two artists research the consequences of war in post-war villages. They take photo-portraits of people who had a loss at wartime, collect huge metal pieces affected by massive shelling to make installations. They dig ghost houses and schools, where everything is left just as it was many years ago. Edik is a Visual Artist who has seen Iran - Iraq war. Areg is a photographer and was on the frontline as a soldier in 2016. As they meet more people they get the sense that wherever war has stepped in it never left. They examine their own experience and bring up never asked questions "is war better than peace" and the answers are unexpected. The movie shows the transformation where Areg and Edik had a simple need to get rid of personal traumas by art which later became a statement that the war couldn't even exist if humans won't find it attractive and won't get fascinated by the idea of heroism.




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  • Teryan 3a

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