Established by the order of the Government of the Republic of Armenia in 2006, the National Cinema Center of Armenia implements state cultural policy in the field of cinematography, keeps up with the traditions of the Armenian cinema, preserves, promotes and develops Armenian cinematography. The Cinema Center provides state financial support to full-length feature, short and animation projects.

Under agreements concluded with interstate and international organizations, the Cinema Center supports co-production, brings young filmmakers to the arena, helps reveal the creative potential through the implementation of debut programs and ensures sustainability of Armenian cinema.

With an aim to raise professional qualifications, the Cinema Center organizes trainings for film producers, carries out educational and professional consulting activities.

In cooperation with international film organizations, the Cinema Center presents Armenian films in world film festivals and markets. It organizes/coordinates Armenian cinema related events/days in various international film platforms. In accordance with the established procedures the Cinema Center helps elaborate and carry out legal acts, targeted at preservation, dissemination and development of cinematography.


The Cinema Center carries out the following functions: supports the production of state-funded feature, short, animation, debut films, preserves the Film Photo-Phono collection, participates in film markets and festivals.


The activities are performed through four main programs: NCCA supports film production, implements national film programs, carries out Film Photo-Phono collection preservation activities, ensures participation in film festivals and markets.


The main targets of the programs are:

  • to preserve, develop and promote national film traditions
  • create high-quality feature, short and animated films of national production in accordance with international standards
  • ensure equal conditions while selecting film projects on a competitive basis
  • create animated and youth films for young audience, as well as provide debut film support
  • implement film programs in cooperation with international film organizations
  • ensure participation in international film festivals and other international cinema related events
  • restore and preserve film materials, considering them an integral part of Armenian cultural heritage
  • set main directions of development, define forms and methods of creative activity
  • propose on state programs and projects to be implemented in the field of cinematography through cultural policy
  • consider over film projects submitted to the Cinema Center, estimate expediency of production of a film
  • perform other functions related to the current process of film production


The Henrik Malyan Theater operates in the structure of the NCCA. The National Cinema Center of Armenia operates within the structure of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport.


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  • Teryan 3a

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