14 February 2023

The festival's official website writes: “Last night we were happy to announce that it turned out that Hayk Ordyan's Zulali is your favorite film”. Moreover, only two films were awarded at the festival, one of which is Zulali, depicted on the main poster of the festival.


We congratulate the film’s creative team extending our best wishes for their continued success.


The three-part story reveals a great family tragedy. Lonely people are not alone in a remote village and overcome pain and suffering together, spreading love and not losing hope for tomorrow. A family lives in an isolated village: the elderly aunt, the boy Nazaros, and his mother Zulali. Little Nazaros thinks about Zulali's strangeness, his grandfather who didn't live to be a hundred years old, and other issues. The landlady is a woman with a difficult fate...


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