02 November 2022

A meeting with a cinema critic, writer and historian Artsvi Bakhchinyan was organized on the joint initiatives of the National Cinema Center of Armenia and Yerevan State University’s “Charles Aznavour Cultural Center”. This commemorative assembly was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of one of the greatest filmmakers Rouben Mamoulian.


An American-Armenian film director Ruben Mamulyan is rated as one of the world's greatest theater and film directors of the 20th century. He was the first to use complex soundtrack combined with a moving camera, which was revolutionary for that time.


During the meeting Artsvi Bakhchinyn presented the Master's life and works, his innovative ideas and approaches in cinema together with his multicultural life experience. Bakhchinyan also presented his book, entitled "Ruben Mamulyan - the Artist and the Armenian". At the end of the meeting, a Q/A session with students was held. The event served as another good opportunity to interact with true art.



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