THE MUD (2021)

Director(s) Vahan Grigoryan

Script writer(s) Vahan Grigoryan

Camerman(s)Suren Tadevosyan


ActorsHrach Movsisyan, Liza Azizyan, Artsrun Harutyunyan, Astghik Abajyan

Film producer(s)Hayk Tadevosyan

Production Company(s)BE UP

14 min


Rafael is approaching his home. At the entrance he notices a lone goose. No one in the village keeps geese. When he opens the door the goose sneaks inside. Without removing his dirty shoes, Rafael rushes after the goose and catches it. When in the middle of the room he notices that he hadn’t removed shoes and that the room is now dirty. He takes off the shoes and without cleaning the dirt marks on the floor leaves the house to climb the mountain.

Shortly afterward Ashkhen, Rafael’s wife, returns home and sees the disappearing footprints and the feathers on the floor. Together with their neighbors they conclude that an angel has visited their house.

When Rafael returns home he finds many villagers in their house, who have heard the angel news. Appreciating what has happened, Rafael decides not to reveal the truth about the tracks being his doing. He even jokes that the dirt on the floor is from an angel’s foot and most likely has some magical powers. He suggests that the "healing" dirt be collected and stored.

A week later the villagers were queueing at Rafael's house to get some "healing" dirt and apply it to their faces and bodies. The faith in the "healing" dirt is so strong that a construction of a small chapel is underway in Rafael's backyard.

Rafael does not treat the situation seriously until one day the villagers decide to use the "healing" dirt to cure an ill child, instead of taking him to a hospital. Rafael tells everyone what really happened but no one believes him.



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