Director(s) Nora Martirosyan

Script writer(s) Nora Martirosyan, Emmanuel Pagano

Camerman(s)Simon Roca


ActorsGregoire Colin, Hayk Bakhryan, Arman Navasardyan, David Hakobyan, Vartan Petrosyan, Narine Grigoryan

Film producer(s)Julie Paratian, Ani Vorskanyan, Annabella Nezri

Production Company(s)Sister Productions, anEva production, Kwassa Films

100 min


Alain, a French airport auditor, arrives at the brand-new airport of Artsakh Republic. This tiny self-proclaimed Republic with uncertain borders, surrounded by the territory of its hostile neighbour, is now getting back on its feet after a war of independence. Alain is assigned to study if the new installations of the airport conforms the international standards from the perspective of its imminent reopening. Through interviews with the airport’s employees and other encounters, Alain begins to discover a country that exists only on certain maps but that is well and truly there in reality, with its population, its government, its institutions and its crops. He starts to care for the people he has become attached to: Korune, the director of the airport, who left behind his life in France when the war broke out, and who is leading his mission with a determination that verges on folly; Seirane, his young and clear-sighted driver; Karinée, a war widow and journalist convinced of the necessity of reopening the airport, and especially, Edgar, a boy of about ten years that he frequently sees in the airport carrying two large bottles of water…




  • +374 (10) 52-20-32
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  • Teryan 3a

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