23 June 2023

As part of the state jubilee program celebrating the 100th anniversary of Armenian cinema, the National Cinema Center of Armenia first time participated in the MIFA market of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival where several animation companies actively engaged in the market work at the Armenian stand from June 13 to 17. 


On June 22, the MIFA participants were hosted at the NCCA office, where they shared impressions and experiences,  and talked about the success and agreements gained as well as their future plans concerning the market.


In the MIFA market, Armenian producers were involved in numerous meetings, joined in a number of network activities and panel discussions, showcasing their innovative ideas and approaches. The team from "OnOff" studio conducted master classes on “Using VR technology as a tool for creating an animated film”. Creating animation using VR technologies is an innovative approach not only in Armenia but also in the world, which caught the attention of many MIFA participants, generating interest in the Armenian stand.


On June 16, at the Armenian stand of the MIFA market among other significant achievements, a Co-Production Agreement was signed between producer Susanna Khachatryan, co-founder of the Armenian animation "Onoff" studio and producer Ron Dyens, the founder of the world-renowned French animation company "Sacrebleu  Productions” on the co-production of a feature-length animated film " Zako" by Tigran Arakelyan  It is worth noting that the films produced by the "Sacrebleu Productions" have appeared in the most prestigious European festivals and received top ratings and awards.


The National Cinema Center of Armenia congratulates the film’s creative team, extending best wishes for their continued success.



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