Director(s) Angineh Isanyans

Script writer(s) Angineh Isanyans

Camerman(s)Andranik Sahakyan


ActorsMkhitar Avetisyan, Sergey Danielyan, Narek Aleksanyan, Anahit Kirakosyan, Aram Karakhanyan

Film producer(s)Angineh Isanyans

Production Company(s)"AFP" organization

13 min


In a small police station filled with cigarette smoke, two older officers are sharing a meal and opinions on how social media is destroying families in Armenia. A younger officer, obviously nervous, interrupts to ask about the person in the interrogation room next door. The older officers shrug off his concern, teasing and hazing him. Next door, the person is coerced into signing papers that retract a complaint - an injustice that just might cost her life. Based on a true story. 




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