Director(s) Edgar Bagdasaryan

Script writer(s) Edgar Bagdasaryan

Camerman(s)Suren Tadevosyan


ActorsShant Hovhannisyan, Luiza Nersisyan, Babken Chobanyan, Samvel Grigoryan, Narine Grigoryan, Maria Seyranyan, Qristina Hovakimyan

Film producer(s)Karine Simonyan

Production Company(s)"Edgar Baghdasaryan Film Production" LTD


100 min



Three random owners in a thousand years. No doubt, there were many more such people, who formally conveyed a simple item from one generation to another, without attaching any meaning to it. Rhythm, time, language of communication and speed of existence - all change… Everything changes but what’s common for all times? Is there anything that literally, rather than formally, connects destinies and worlds that cannot be connected? Is there a spiritual base that serves foundation for the upper structure? Or is it simply a piece of stone, aimlessly handed down from year to year, carrying no morality? Being an outstanding personality St. Grigor Narekatsi, Armenian medieval monk, can actually be a spiritual base for all people, not just one nation. This is why the lengthy night ends at the appearance of his light. Lengthy Night consists of three chapters, which are independent and complete pictures. The film is constructed in a way that it evolves in inverted chronology from our days to 1003. The first part starts in our days, then the second one takes the viewer to 1915 – the tragic year in the history of the Armenian people, while the final part is set in 1003, on the day when the great poet Grigor Narekatsi passed away. An unusual stone with a white circle blob on top appears as a link between all the three stories. The old she-wolf follows the stone throughout the entire film, as if haunting its owners at the most dramatic moments in their lives when they’re facing a dilemma.





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