26 October 2023

The first memorandum was signed by ONoff studio and Lithuanian Broom Films for the purpose of co-production of a full-length animated film "ZAKO", directed by Tigran Arakelyan. The Memorandum bears the signatures of Susanna Khachatryan, the Executive Producer of ONoff Studio and Juste Mikhailinaite, the producer of  Broom Films. The second memorandum was signed with the prominent French company, TCHACK. Under the terms of this memorandum, Armenian and French companies will collaborate on the production of 2 films.


The short film "LONG LIVE THE HOLIDAYS" and the full-length film "MARYAM & VARTO" will be developed and produced with the creative input of Gorune Aprikian (directors: Luciano Lepinay, Gorune Aprikian). The memorandum was signed by Susanna Khachatryan, ONoff Studio’s Executive Producer and Barbara Vougnon, the producer at TCHACK.


"ReA" International Festival promotes cooperation between Armenian and international companies and this ground-breaking event in the history of Armenian animation is a testament to this objective. Such an accomplishment represents a significant new chapter in the history of Armenian animation, one that promises to propel the growth of animation filmmaking and bolster Armenia's distinctive role in the field.  




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