19 September 2022

The National Cinema Center of Armenia has been consistently involved in collecting materials and assembling collections attributed to Armenian filmmakers, thus, replenishing the archive fund of the Cinema Center.
Recently, the preserved part of Garush Beknazaryan's family photo archive was handed over to the Cinema Center. To mention, Garush Beknazaryan was the brother of Hamo Beknazaryan, the renowned film director and establisher of Armenian cinema. After the sale of Garush Beknazaryan's apartment in Yerevan, the archive was stockpiled as property to no purpose and would definitely end up in a trash bin. Realizing the historical value of the materials, Vahan Abrahamyan was just in time to rescue the archive from destruction and hand it over to the Cinema Center. To mention, the National Cinema Center of Armenia expresses gratitude to the artist Nerses Melikyan, who facilitated the process.
The family archive of Garush Beknazaryan contains hundreds of unpublished photographs that represent the life and work of the Beknazaryan family and relatives from the 1880s to the 1970s. Apart from their commemorative significance, the photographs also help clarify many unknown and little-known facts of the biography of Hamo and Garush Beknazaryan. The archive is currently being digitized, after which it will be available to researchers, interested in both history of Armenian cinema and Hamo Beknazaryan's activities.



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