CHNCHIK (2020)

Director(s) Aram Shahbazyan

Script writer(s) Mariam Asryan, Aram Shahbazyan, Ara Mnatsakanyan, Harutyun Kbeyan

Camerman(s)Hayk Kirakosyan


ActorsLili Elbakyan, Hilda Ohan, Yura Kostanyan, Artur Papikyan

Film producer(s)Ara Mnatsakanyan, Melik Karapetyan

Production Company(s)Armna Production

90 min


"Her uniqueness could not be tolerated by the others“.

Chnchik, a young girl from a remote village in the Lesser Caucasus, grows up with her parents in the middle of an untouched idyllic nature, far away from modern civilization. A slight physical handicap makes her the object of ridicule to the village population, which one day culminates in an attempted rape. At the end of the summer and a short love affair, her pregnancy is discovered and the traditionally minded population forces Chnchik’s father to commit a cruel act to eliminate the “dishonor” of the village.





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  • Teryan 3a

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