«Smoking Dawns»

Genre: documentary

Format: HD

Duration: 14 min.

Shooting location: Javakhk

Release: 2014


Young people of Javakhk start making a film about people of their land, however, they have not succeeded so far… Life and people resemble the nature: people remain silent and the nature speaks instead…The deleted scenes feature the film authors and build them up as real film characters, who the nature is talking to…

Script by: Sona Tonakanyan

Director: Sona Tonakanyan, Artur Adamyan

Cast: Peto Mkoyan, Jura Tsayloyan

Cinematography by: Mkhitar Mkoyan, Hayk Martirosyan

Production company: National Cinema Center of Armenia, Diaspora Students Film Studio

State: completed

Language: Armenian

Subtitles: _______________

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