“Lazy Huri” tomorrow and after…

Public screenings of a new Armenian animation film “Lazy Huri”, based on Tumanyan’s fairy tale, will start on June 1 in many Yerevan cinema halls.

Artur Mikayelyan, the film’s director and scriptwriter, recollects the day when having a little more than 1 000 000 AMD in their possession and despite all difficulties, they set up their minds on making this animation film. A 30-member creative crew have worked on the film for about 4 years following all norms and methods of classical animation and now Artur Mikayelyan is ready to mark everybody’s name with a special emphasis. The team work has had excellent outcome.

“Lazy Huri” is produced by “Multart+” studio in cooperation with the National Cinema Center of Armenia, which provided a financial support of 12 300 000 AMD to the film. The film’s overall budget makes 75 000 USD and the rest of the sum was raised via indiegogo international fundraising platform. Many of those, who have just watched an episode from the film or learned about this initiation, donated eagerly trying to contribute to the implementation of this fairy-tale animation musical.

A small episode on Youtube has gathered about 2 000 000 views.

The project had minor financing in 2012 and none in 2013; however, they managed to raise some money to maintain the project. In 2014 the necessary amount was raised due to public donations.