Armenia and Armenians Premier

The premier of “Yerevan Sketches” was held in “Kinopark” cinema (Yerevan Mall) on 3 June. The film was scripted and directed by Ashot Jazoyan, a Russian resident of the Armenian origin. A 19-minutes long documentary aimed at depicting not only the sights and picturesque nature of Armenia and Yerevan, but also maintained its main focus on working people, who had created all that.

The ten episodes of the film describe different national skills and crafts. Every story is dedicated to one of the many traditional skills –from the art of making carpets, musical instruments like an apricot-tree flute (duduk), lavash, wine or Armenian manuscripts to mastering new skills. “Malkhas” jazz club, architectural monuments, khachkars are also brought to public attention.

The film may prove to work as a brand image of Armenia, Armenians and Yerevan for foreign visitors.

The film was made with an assistance of the Ministry of Culture and the National Cinema Center of Armenia.