It is already 5 years since the National Cinema Center of Armenia has given an opportunity to national film directors and producers to introduce and promote their projects and films in pre- and post- production at Marche du Films, a cinema market platform held within the frames of Cannes IFF. It is noteworthy to mention that Armenia has a permanent booth there.

The National Cinema Center of Armenia, as the main organizer of the participation in Marche du Films, has implemented some initiatives with an aim to establish collaboration and discuss membership opportunities with the most significant cinema – related international organizations. In particular, the director G. Gevorgyan had meetings with Eurimages, European Audiovisual Observatory, CNC representatives. 40 countries are currently the members of the European Audiovisual Observatory; G. Gevorgyan is a member of the Executive Council. The Armenian membership issue within Eurimages structure was discussed with its director Roberto Olla. The “Sayat Nova” film’s restoration and screening opportunities during 2014 Cannes IFF were raised at the meeting with the director of the “World Film Foundation” Douglas Liable. French –Armenian collaboration opportunities in the frames of the existing agreement with CNC in the cinema sector were discussed with Eric Karandeau, the director; an issue of the French assistance on the draft of the Armenian law on cinema was raised.

Also the meetings with a number of international organizations such as “HerseyFilm” Turkey, Venice Film Market /represented by the director Pascal Diot/, “DreamSim” Latvia /represented by the director Alexander Parvatkin/, “Kendy Marshal” USA were held.

The film projects “Tevanik” by J. Avetisyan, “The Florist” by M. Sahakyan and J. Galustian were presented along with the screening of the film “My name is Viola” by R. Kochar.

Film projects introduced at Marche du Films
«Monologues» by Harutyun Khachatryan
«My Name is Viola» by Ruben Kochar
«Paradjanov» Serge Avedikyan, Olena Fetisova
«Tevanik» Jivan Gasparyan
«Remission» by Hovhannes Galstyan
«Moskvich, My Love!» by Aram Shahbazyan
«A Scary Tale» by Maria Sahakyan
«It’s Me» by Narine Lalayan
«Nostalgie» by Grigor Harutyunyan

Full -length featuring films
«Endless Return, Eternal Escape» by Harutyun Khachatryan 87 min.
«The Glass Trinket» by Narine Mkrtchyan, Arsen Azatyan 112 min
«Winter Apple» by Armen Ronov 61 min.
«The Little Prince» by Armen Ronov 57 min.
«The Voice of Silence» by Vigen Chaldranyan 119 min.
«From Two Worlds as a Keepsake» by Nika Shek, 90 min.

Short films
«Pheasant Hunter» by Marine Zakaryan 23 min.
«Victory Code» by Gagik Harutyunyan 50 min
«The Naked Woman» by Mher Nahapet 15 min.
«It is Me» by Narine Kochar 10 min.
«Child Harold’s Pilgrimage» by Armen Simonyan, 10 min.