The Armenian booth at Marche du Films was crowded and agitated this year.
More than 10 projects were presented during the event along with the national films in pre-and post- production.
The National Cinema Center of Armenia enabled film makers and producers to participate and introduce their projects in Marche du Films personally.
Gevorg Gevorgyan, the director of NCCA, had a meeting with CNC President Eric Karandeau. Copyright, films’ preservation and professional trainings’ issues were raised during the meeting.
It is expected that 1-2 producers will have training sessions in France; trainings for technical professionals will be organized from the next year and further.
Two projects “Moskvich, my love!” by Aram Shakhbazyan and “Paradjanov” by Serge Avedikyan will get financial support from the CNC.
In future two more projects are expected to get financial support from CNC. G. Gevorgyan had appointed meetings with Wolfgang Closs, the director of the European Audiovisual Observatory, where possibilities of Armenian membership were negotiated.
At the moment this significant European structure comprises 38 country-members.
The Armenian membership within the Observatory is of drastic importance taking into account the fact that Armenia is a country with a limited cinema related budget.
During the meeting with the 2-nd China TV Channel representatives questions of collaboration between two countries were discussed.
G. Gevorgyan had meetings with RUSCICO distributional company; he and Igor Lopatyuk, the director, negotiated the issues of restoration and possible distribution of the Armenian films.
All Armenian film projects’ presentations were organized in the Armenian booth.

Films and projects introduced at Marche du Films

“If Only Everyone…” by Natalya Belyauzkene
“Dawn on Lake Van” by Artak igityan, Vahan Stepanyan
“The Sun in Our Souls” by Arsen Arakelyan
“The Eternal Energy” /Dzon Atarin/ , a film project by Arsen Arakelyan
“Forgive Me”, a featuring film project by Khachatur Martirosyan
“On the Tightrope”, a project by Levon Minasyan
“The Remission”, a film by Hovhannes Galstyan in pre-production
“The Unsung Heroin”, a project by Jussi Bjorn, Hovhannes Galstyan in pre-production
“The Half Moon Bay” by Marine Zakaryan in production
“Muzhik A”, a project by Armen Ronov, pre-production
“Get Your Pain” by Armen Ronov
“The Little Prince” by Armen Ronov
“Tales of the People of the World”, “All about Life and Football”, “Ballet”, animaton projects by Armine Harutyunyan
“The Soul of Marzipan” by Armine Anda
Documentary Projects by «Hayk» state studio of documentaries