The Guide for Application for Eurimages Support

  1. Eurimages was established in 1989 as a cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. It currently numbers 37 member states. Armenia’s accession to the Fund took place in 2016.


  1. Eurimages promotes the European audiovisual industry by providing financial support for cinema co-production, theatrical distribution, and exhibition (see Requirements for the above mentioned support schemas are set by Eurimages in the Regulations (see Appendix 1).


  1. Applications (hereafter Projects) for co-production of feature-length fiction, animation and documentary films can be submitted for Eurimage support four times a year. Call for projects deadlines can be found on the Eurimages official web-site (see above). For the year 2017 the deadlines are set as follows:
  2. a) January 12
    b) April 20
    c) August 24
    d) October 24
  3. Projects declared eligible by the Secretariat are then evaluated by the Board of Management (hereafter the Board). For the year 2016 the Board meetings are scheduled as follows:
  4. a) March 7 – 10
    b) June 19 – 23
    c) October 16 – 20
    d) December 12 – 15 *

* The above mentioned dates apply solely to the year 2017, deadlines for the years to come check the Eurimages official web-site.

  1. The Board is composed of National Representatives of the member states appointed on the principle of equality. Susanna Harutyunyan (e-mail: and Vrej Kassouny (e-mail: are Armenian National Representatives at Eurimages.

    6. For the co-production support, a producer (legal person) shall submit the package of documents of the Project to the Eurimages Secretariat on-line in English or French.

  2. According to the Eurimages regulations for the co-production of full-length feature, animation and documentary films under Article 2, para. 2.1.4, the project submitted besides all should have also include the national accreditation (co-production status certificate) issued by the competent national authorities. Documents required for the Project are listed in Appendix 2.
  3. Apply to the National Cinema Center of Armenia NCSO (hereafter the Cinema Center) for the co-production status certificate. Applications should be made 30 days prior to the Eurimages deadlines. Application to the Cinema Center for the co-production status certificate should be made in Armenian and must comply with the requirements set by the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production (see Appendix 3).
  4. The co-production status certificate is issued by the Ministry of Culture of RA in Armenian and English within 15 days after submission of the application to the Cinema Center. The issue of the co-production status certificate can be rejected if the presented documents do not comply with the requirements set by the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.
  5. After the receipt of the co-production status certificate and before the submission of the Project to Eurimages, the Producer can apply (not obligatory) to the Armenian National Representative/s for the expert consultation.
  1. The Producer submits the Project to Eurimages within the above mentioned call for projects deadlines. The Producer must contact Armenian National Representative/s on the Board of Management of Eurimages about the Application at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Projects declared eligible by the Eurimages Secretariat are then evaluated by the Board of Management, which applies the selection criteria and the point system listed in the Appendix 4.
  3. After the production of the film supported by Eurimages, the Producer should present it to the Cinema Center for entering records in the Register.