In an Armenian village, evicted in the result of the Armenian-Azeri conflict, Abgar stays behind all alone in a gradually shrinking enemy ring. He is waiting for his daughter, who became a witness to her husband’s murder by an angry mob and was hospitalized with a mental disorder.

An Azeri named Ibrahim, offers Abgar to work on the construction of a mosque and promises to find and bring Abgar’s daughter instead… A few days later, Ibrahim finds the girl, named Yurga, in one of the psychiatric hospitals of Baku and brings her to Abgar.

Abgar wants to leave the village with his daughter, but his skills of a stonemason are still needed for construction of a new mosque. Abgar realizes that this work in the Azerbaijani village will be endless and realizes that he’s been trapped.


Alik is a young clarinet player who performs in an orchestra, once established and ran by his grandpa- a renowned musician, Hovhannes Talyan. One day the chief sponsor of their orchestra is found murdered, so the further existence of the band is at question. However, Alik believes in miracle and hopes the orchestra will be saved form dissolution. And the miracle happens! In a result of unbelievable coincidence, Alik gets a telephone, which is alleged to belong to a Virtuozo, and which responds to one subscriber only. Following the telephone instructions Alik manages to get a high advance payment, which can cover all expenses of the orchestra and thus, save it. However, along with the money he gets a big gun and…a murder order. The point is that Alik has never held a gun in his hand before and, to crown it all, he is not a professional killer, but a professional musician – a Virtuozo.


“The film is made on the base of short stories written by Leonid Engibarov. The message of every story – love and hatred, happiness and sadness, pain and passion experienced by the author were exposed to the most meticulous, though delicate study. The subtle perception of the author enables him to view every episode through the prism of Leonid Engibarov’s vision, revealing his inner world, love to life and his attitude towards different things”- Georgi Parajanov


The collapse of the Soviet Union and independence gained by republics brings about a number of severe problems. An Armenian refugee couple from Baku is facing a tough situation and has to encounter a number of problems. Life gets harder, however, the film’s protagonist, an elderly man and a former tractor driver, still cherishes a life -time dream of having a “Moskvich” car. He crams day and night to raise money for that and even sells his honor medals. However, life brings more bitter surprises to him. His wife has to work harder than ever, which might have caused her death ruining his lifelong dream of having a car.

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