“Our Atlantis” is a documentary about an Armenian camp in Istanbul /former Constantinople /, which was established by Armenian orphans in the 1960-s; later its activities were terminated and the camp was grabbed away by Turkish authorities. The film depicts past and present of the camp, showing the endeavors of former Armenian camp residents’ to keep their memories alive.


People who once left Armenia at different times and for different reasons tell their life-stories.

What reasons urged them leave, what are their emotions, what is their attitude to the abandoned motherland? There is also a story of a man who left his birthplace for Armenia and settled there.

It’s so important to listen and understand every speaker; moreover, it is important for those who have not left for a better life yet.


The film tells about the working background and details of the shooting process of «Parajanov» film.


Director/scriptwriter – Gagik Harutyunyan